Owners' Comments

"My brother and I were attracted to Garage Oasis because of the climate controlled storage suitable for cars. I was able to consolidate 4 storage rentals into a single unit that really is a fun man-cave! I share a unit with my brother, who also has 4 cars. We are committed muscle car enthusiasts that will need the space for a lifetime.

The investment in Garage Oasis will only take a couple years to payback the savings on storage and there is absolutely no comparison in the value of the space. In addition to the climate controlled storage and workspace we really thought the concept of garage condominiums in such a well maintained facility was a great idea. After a few years of ownership I am more excited about being in Garage Oasis than the day we moved in. The fantastic neighbors are one of the most significant features."

Tim - Owner Since April 2009

"Garage Oasis is a great concept. My wife and I owned various small businesses in Spring since 1994. In that time frame we literally threw away $50,000.00 in rent payments. Now that we are owners at the Oasis, it is like putting money in the bank. The facilities are extra clean, secure and the management is professional."

Ken - Owner Since December 2010

"The basic reason that I bought the property was a convenience of having a 3rd, "oversized" garage so close to my residence. At this time I use it to store some of my belongings, as well as motorcycle, trailer, and a classic car, in order to allow me to have more space in my garage at home.

I like very much the way the whole property has been managed and cared for and it looks like that whole ownership structure is made of people who have similar mind set and there is not much disagreement in their desire to maintain this property as a safe, clean and enjoyable place."

Miro - Owner Since September 2007

"The initial reason I bought is that I needed a climate controlled place to store and work on a vehicle which I couldn't do in many of the rental units that are out there. I also realized that If I needed to, I could get a good rate for rental if I needed to. I bought a second larger unit for the same reason. I like the idea that a lot of car enthusiasts are there and it is fun to look at each others' projects. Now that I have the second larger unit, the initial one is becoming my ultimate man cave and workshop. This is great because I don't have enough room at the house for a second garage to work and the existing garage is impractical to do anything."

 Jack - Owner Since October 2009

"Before (Garage) Oasis I was looking for a stand alone garage or adding a couple of garages to my home. Oasis was my best choice because it solved two big issues for me. I didn't have to worry about security , which is a problem with a stand alone garage and I didn't have to worry about moving and not being able to get the cost of an additional 3 garages out of the next buyer of my house. It fit my needs just right."

Mike - Owner Since September 2007

"The reason I bought a unit was for air conditioned storage for my classic cars. What I got was a community of neighbors who look after each other and their property. We borrow tools and help with each others car projects.

Prior to purchasing, I looked into buying land and building my own storage units. The cost would have been much more than the unit at Garage Oasis. It would have also lacked the security. The security system was a selling point for me. We also have the security of the neighbors keeping an eye on the property. I think everyone there takes pride in the ownership of their unit."

Chris - Owner Since April 2009

"We bought the garage condo at Garage Oasis because we downsized from small acreage with a large garage and storage area to a patio home. We were not interested in locating property and dealing with constructing and maintaining our own building. Garage Oasis is close to home, provides the climate controlled storage we want and the work space we need. Our neighbors are friendly, trustworthy and have interesting hobbies. Garage Oasis is a useful and fun place; well maintained and simple to own."

Allan - Owner Since November 2008

"(My wife) Raye and I purchased (two) Garage Oasis Warehouses for the following reasons:

  • To have ownership in property rather than renting (we rented several warehouses for 12 years est. rent money spent $12,000.00).
  • Ownership builds equity rather than giving ones money to someone else.
  • To have a place to store the husband's owns toys "such as fast bass boats, 4-wheelers, fork lifts, generators, utility trailers, last but not least is have a place to get out of the house and have a place to work on projects, play, and meet with friends.
  • Raye and I liked the Garage Oasis "own your warehouse" concept so well that after two years of our first purchase we now each have air conditioned central heated work, play, meeting warehouses.
  • Garage Oasis, offers many things for anyone that wants to own his/her own warehouse. It is quiet, it offers 24/7 locked gate security, the owners are neighborly and help each other. Garage Oasis, also offers a private meeting area, that can be booked, for all sorts of private parties and business meetings."

Tommy and Raye - Owner Since June 2007

"WHY I BOUGHT: To have my "industrial park" and storage needs met in a single well maintained facility without giving up the security and amenities of my own home, plus be able to enjoy a sense of upscale community with like – minded people of varying business and hobby interests

THINGS I LIKE: Quietness...Security...On site social area for meeting people in a relaxed / well appointed facility when I need a break...Consistency of the high quality maintenance of the buildings and surrounding area, amenities, etc."

Greg - Owner Since May 2009

"When I sold my company, I needed space to store and operate equipment and tools--there was no way at the house. I stopped by one day to see if there were spaces to lease. I leased a space in Bldg.100 for a year. Toward the end of my lease term, I began looking for office-warehouse space to move my equipment and provide an office to run my other businesses. Ken showed me a larger space in Bldg.300 which had a mezzanine office. I bought it and it has worked out perfectly.

I am not a retail business so there is no need for visibility. Security is good and management and neighbors could not be better. In fact, I am considering buying another space to either occupy or lease out."

Steve - Owner Since December 2009

"The concept is wonderful. It is a great place to meet people that have some of the same hobby interests that I have. It is clean, well lit with great security. It's my ‘home away from home'."

Jeff - Owner Since January 2011

"While driving down Louetta one day I saw Garage Oasis (then Garage Town) was curious and stopped to investigate. I knew that I wanted a clean, safe and convenient place to have available to store my late husband's Jeep, off season decorations as well as have a place to use when I would eventually downsize. Garage Oasis is perfect.

It is close to not only my home but my daughters' homes. I have met many wonderful tenants and look forward to meeting many more. We are a great community."

Jan - Owner Since January 2008

Contact Us

Garage Oasis
8826 Louetta Rd
Spring, TX 77379
(281) 658-7500




  • Video Surveillance
  • 24/7 access
  • Fenced with electronic gate
  • Owners clubhouse with restroom facilities*
  • 60 ft wide drive aisles
  • RV dump station
  • Quality controlled CC&R's
  • Nine acre development with 300' setback off of Louetta


  • Insulated roof (R30), walls (R19) and garage door(s)
  • Individually metered electricity
  • HVAC system with own thermostat
  • 100 amp breaker panel (6-110 v and 1-220 v outlets)
  • Eave height over 19'
  • Garage doors are 12'-18' wide and 14' high
  • Wired for telephone and/or cable
  • Pedestrian doors on most units
  • Ample fluorescent lighting
  • Hard wired heat sensor
  • 30 or 50 amp RV outlet

*The smartly decorated clubhouse provides a kitchen area, a comfortable seating section with a large screen TV, WIFI network and three restroom facilities (one has a shower in it). Outside offers a granite table and chairs under a covered patio.