After looking at all your options, many have found it to be the most cost effective. The main reasons are:

  • Finding adequate storage for your large toys, such as RVs, boats and collectable cars, is difficult. In Texas, the most common storage for these items is canopy-covered exterior storage on an asphalt or dirt lot. This is just not enough to protect your investments from the harsh elements or hurricanes.
  • The inability to find reasonably priced land in a secure and convenient area. If land can be found then comes the time and expense to have the buildings engineered, drawn, permitted and constructed. Not to mention the water retention issues.
  • Builders aren't making lots large enough to store large investments like RVs and boats, let alone building homes with extra garage bays that will accommodate extra storage for hobbies like cars, dirt bikes and quads.

When compared to renting equivalent space, one advantage of owning is the increased rights. Rental properties are always under the control of a landlord, which means that monthly rent could be raised or the lease terminated with short notice to the tenant. Renters face the real prospect that their rents will escalate in the future because of rising construction costs: land, steel and concrete have risen over the years. By owning the space, individuals can avoid such surprises. And a mortgage should remain relatively stable over the life of a loan.

The garage condominium owner seeks to lock in occupancy costs and build real estate equity. Buying space insulates one from rising base rents since mortgage payments are fixed by the terms of a loan, not the landlord's rising development costs, and the owner builds equity with the principal portion of his mortgage payments. The owner has the opportunity for equity growth as the market value of the condominium appreciates - a phenomenon that no one can guarantee but few would deny occurs quite regularly.

A "condominium" means real estate, portions of which are designated for separate ownership and the remainder of which is designated for common ownership solely by the owners of the separate portions.

The land and all common facilities in the condominium such as the clubhouse, restrooms, etc., and the walls and roofs are owned and operated by the owners through their elected representatives (directors).

This joint ownership and operation means that no individual owner has control over the management and decision-making process. Owners must cooperate with one another as a group (called the condominium association). All owners must abide by the rules and regulations required. The association is there to protect the interest of all Garage Oasis owners.

Yes. For every purchase there is a limited one year warranty. Seller warrants certain components of your unit against defects in the original material and workmanship. It covers the following components: roofs, concrete, plumbing, mechanical and electric. For details see warranty in sales contract.
You will own the area formed by the walls, floor and ceiling of your unit and everything inside including interior partitions, cabinets, appliances (air-conditioner) and fixtures. The structural parts of the building are owned in common like the land.

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) are put in force to benefit the Garage Oasis community collectively. With CC&Rs, property values generally will appreciate better than if they were not in force. Many owners like CC&Rs because they provide a level of predictability and an expectation of behavior that can be enforced if necessary.

CC&Rs may restrict the following: Excessive noise, fire hazards, storing hazardous materials, clubhouse usage, running a retail business from a unit, attaching heavy objects to the walls, living in a unit, etc. If you are wondering if your usage is going to be restricted because of the CC&Rs, then please contact us to talk in more detail abut your lifestyle and garage space needs.

Yes, we highly suggest adding your own "flair" to your space; however there are certain quality control issues that are stated in the CC&Rs. If you would like some recommendations, we have teamed with several companies to provide our buyers with the highest quality of flooring, mezzanines, and more. No exterior changes are permitted.
Yes, since you are deeded a real piece of property. The annual property taxes can be calculated by multiplying the appraised value of the unit by 2.69%. The property taxes are comprised of the following: school (Klein ISD), county (Harris), and water (Louetta North PUD). You will receive the tax bills around November.
Yes. The Property Owners Association (POA) dues takes care of everything external on the property, including: security, common water and electrical usage, lawn and landscaping, pest control, property insurance, maintaining the clubhouse and bathrooms and insuring and maintaining the structure of the Garage Oasis project. The dues are paid annually and deposited in a bank account under the Association. All bills are paid out of this account.
They are calculated using the following three (3) factors: the square footage of your unit, the total square footage of all the units, and the annual budget. As an example, in 2011, an owner of an 800 sf unit had dues that averaged $48.00 per month.
Fire and extended coverage insurance is paid by the condominium association. However, it will be your responsibility to obtain insurance for the contents and get personal liability for your unit.

Absolutely, these personal warehouses are ideal for working on your RV or boat and are big enough to give you room to make repairs or polish your classic car. Your unit can be the ideal big garage-getaway for hanging out and working on your toys. There is generous in-unit electrical outlets, fluorescent lighting and climate control for more comfort. As you would expect, there will be restrictions on working outside of the units. The drive aisles and common areas will be kept clear and maintained in a neat and sightly condition.

You may always sell your condominium, but the Directors of the Association must give advance approval to the purchaser. Units may be rented but the renters must abide by the CC&Rs. The owner of the unit must notify the Association prior to renting the unit as well as when the renter will vacate the facility.
Strategically placed closed circuit security cameras record the comings and goings on the property. Each unit has a monitored heat detector. The perimeter is gated and coded for owners access only. Each owner, at his expense, may install cameras in their own unit that can be monitored from their computer at home. Above all, since you are in a community of like minded neighbors, the present owners keep an eye out for each other.
HUGE 60' drive-aisles. You will find it easy to maneuver your RV, boat or trucks. Some of the units will offer a drive-through feature for added convenience and easy maneuvering.

Yes, in Building 400 which is the start of Phase II and soon to be Building 500 (opens March '13)

No, in Buildings 100-300, but fortunately we have created the owner's clubhouse with three separate bathroom facilities, one with a shower. There are also exterior hose bibs every few units that owners can use to wash their car, boat, ATVs, cars, etc. Please refer to the CC&Rs for prohibited uses.

Yes, if plumbing is stubbed up in your unit (Buildings 400 and 500). However, keep in mind that common-area restrooms will be available for all unit owners.

Yes. Yes. Yes. This is one of the most exciting differences between Garage Oasis and all the rest!
Each unit is metered for individual use. Therefore, unit owners will be charged only for the electricity which they use. However, the common area electricity is paid as part of the annual POA d
Yes, we have a preferred bank lender. Call us at (281) 658-7500 for details.
Depends, as long as your business model is in accordance with the Association's CC&Rs. Basically, any retail business that needs a walk-in customer base is absolutely prohibited. Please call to discuss your needs.

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  • Video Surveillance
  • 24/7 access
  • Fenced with electronic gate
  • Owners clubhouse with restroom facilities*
  • 60 ft wide drive aisles
  • RV dump station
  • Quality controlled CC&R's
  • Nine acre development with 300' setback off of Louetta


  • Insulated roof (R30), walls (R19) and garage door(s)
  • Individually metered electricity
  • HVAC system with own thermostat
  • 100 amp breaker panel (6-110 v and 1-220 v outlets)
  • Eave height over 19'
  • Garage doors are 12'-18' wide and 14' high
  • Wired for telephone and/or cable
  • Pedestrian doors on most units
  • Ample fluorescent lighting
  • Hard wired heat sensor
  • 30 or 50 amp RV outlet

*The smartly decorated clubhouse provides a kitchen area, a comfortable seating section with a large screen TV, WIFI network and three restroom facilities (one has a shower in it). Outside offers a granite table and chairs under a covered patio.